Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pssst! Developer, Be a Family Superhero

I know your idea of a vacation would be to stay at home, watch Pluralsight videos, then work on your billion-dollar app idea. That’s fine, but it stinks for the rest of your family. Do they really want to stay at home while you listen to John Papa? Heck no!

You will end up at some beach or touristy attraction with your laptop in the hotel room. The end result is probably a fun vacation, but little progress will be made on your techie ideas. There has to be a way to feed your developer needs AND have fun for the whole family.

Everyone likes water parks. Right? Why not take your family to the famous Wisconsin Dells and stay at the Kalahari Resort? From August 12th – 14th, That Conference will be hosted at the Kalahari Resort. Yes, you heard me correctly. One of the top developer conferences will be at the Kalahari. The perfect place to end summer vacations and have one last splash before schools resume.

This is the ultimate win-win scenario for techies and their families. You get to attend high quality training and your family gets to enjoy some of the world’s best water attractions. Pause, for just a moment, and let this soak into your brain.

Water parks. Family fun. Developer conference. YOU, being a family superhero! (did I mention water parks?)

Register, today.   Tell them “The BigIT” sent you!

Updated on June 10, 2013!!!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mark Your Calendar, November 14-16

Years ago, the backbone of the Midwest was agriculture.  Fertile fields fed the world.  Today, the Midwest is growing more than just corn, wheat, and soybeans.  The Midwest is growing businesses.   The Corn Belt is attracting a large number of start-ups, venture capitalists, and technologists.  As technology becomes a key player, some have labeled the Midwest, the Silicon Prairie.    This November, one of the largest technology conferences in the Midwest will be held in heart of the Silicon Prairie, St. Louis.

The St. Louis Days of Dot Net conference will completely overtake the Ameristar Casino & Resort on November 14-16.  This premier event is an excellent opportunity to network with technology companies, technologists, and software engineers.   If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, shoot me an email; or, you can wait until the official sponsor drive opens.  Follow me on Twitter to keep yourself up-to-date on this awesome opportunity.  

St. Louis Days of Dot Net

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Midwest Developer Conferences

Who says you have to go to the coasts to attend a top quality technical conference?  Four of the best developer conferences will be located in the middle of the United States!  You KNOW you want to be there!

August 12-14 That Conference @ Wisconsin Dells, WI

August 28-30 DevLink @ Chattanooga, TN

September 18-20 Strange Loop @ St. Louis, MO

November 14-16 St. Louis Days of .NET, St. Louis, MO