Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Windows 8 Shortcuts Keys

This post will be short and sweet. Here are a few common shortcut keys for Windows 8. Even if you have a touch screen, or touch mouse, these keyboard shortcuts will help. You may want to bookmark this blog for quick reference, or refresher.

Win Key Key Action
winToggle between Start Screen and Desktop
wincOpen / Close Charms
windOpen Desktop
wineMy Computer
winfFile Search
winhOpen Share Charm
winlLock Computer
winmminimize all windows
winshift + mrestore all windows
winpDisplay Second Screen Settings
winqOpen Search Charm
winrOpen Run Window
wintTask bar
winuEase of access screen
winwSearch Settings
winxTask Menu
winzOpen / Close app bar
wintabcycle over apps
winPrnt ScrnCapture screen

I would also like to mention something about the new Windows 8 Start screen.  It seems many people find issue with the missing "Start Button."   Honestly, folks, the Start Screen is much better than the menu-driven start button of previous Windows and the live tiles enhance things in ways you would not expect.  Still need a start button?  Move your mouse to the lower left corner, then click start.  You can also press the "Windows" button to toggle the start screen.