Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mark Your Calendar, November 14-16

Years ago, the backbone of the Midwest was agriculture.  Fertile fields fed the world.  Today, the Midwest is growing more than just corn, wheat, and soybeans.  The Midwest is growing businesses.   The Corn Belt is attracting a large number of start-ups, venture capitalists, and technologists.  As technology becomes a key player, some have labeled the Midwest, the Silicon Prairie.    This November, one of the largest technology conferences in the Midwest will be held in heart of the Silicon Prairie, St. Louis.

The St. Louis Days of Dot Net conference will completely overtake the Ameristar Casino & Resort on November 14-16.  This premier event is an excellent opportunity to network with technology companies, technologists, and software engineers.   If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, shoot me an email; or, you can wait until the official sponsor drive opens.  Follow me on Twitter to keep yourself up-to-date on this awesome opportunity.  

St. Louis Days of Dot Net

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